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Chaos Theory : Aplications
Introduction to Chaos and It's Real World Applications  Theory : Aplications  
Session 4Q - Turbulence and Chaos.
Different chaos aplications  Theory : Aplications  
Physics of Consciousness / Artificial Intelligence Theory Based on Recursion / Embedding  
A development & comment on Dan Winter's theory of Artificial Intelligence / Consciousness among waves by measuring self-similarity and self organization using FFT  Theory : Aplications  
Brain and Chaos: When Two Giants Meet  
In terms of complexity -- both in size and shape -- brain and chaos are really two giants. Although the former is a physical entity and the later a scientific concept, both are robust and thus, are dealt with by different branches of knowledge  Theory : Aplications  
Chaos, fractals, and Arcadia
Tom Stoppard's wonderful play, Arcadia, offers teachers of both mathematics and the humanities the opportunity to join forces in a unique and rewarding way.  Theory : Aplications  
Neuroscience involves hard work, but it is also a lot of fun, especially when it gets its hands on ideas that explain old facts in surprising new ways [1  Theory : Aplications  
A Review of: Shifting the Patterns: Breaching the Memetic Codes of Corporate Peformance by  
A review in JoM-EMIT, vol2, issue2  Theory : Aplications  
Bifurcations in the modified Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model
Bifurcations in the modified Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model  Theory : Aplications  
AFC - Chaos Theory  
Metereology  Theory : Aplications  
Uncertainty and Complexity Management  Theory : Aplications  
Edwards Deming popularized the plan, do, study, act cycle for effecting change in an organization.  Theory : Aplications  
Physics News Update Number 389 - Story CHAOS-BASED COMPUTING  
American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News  Theory : Aplications  
Economic Growth and Fluctuations
Toward a New Paradigm to Economics  Theory : Aplications  
Aperiodic behaviour of a given variable of a bounded deterministic system which may appear as random behaviour  Theory : Aplications  
"Optimal Cycles and Chaos: A Survey" - Abstract
This paper surveys the literature on cyclical and chaotic equilibrium paths in deterministic optimal growth models with infinitely lived agents. Bibliography  Theory : Aplications  
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